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BioSim is a educational game for simulating Darwinian evolution of species, to play and understand the theory of survival of the fittest in entertaining and funny way.

In this ecosystem, can be found colored squares called Biots that are artificial microrganisms and purple pixels that are their artificial food that are called bacteria.

Like in real word, there are rules that govern Biots destiny. Their growth, proliferation, evolution, and extintion.

Every Biot has an artificial genoma or genetic code (DNA) formed of six chromosomes that determines the caracteristics of their movements and the luck in every step. The Biots need food to earn energy to keep moving and reach maturity level to reproduce and become a colony.

Each bacteria is an energy unit (food), so that each biot must do right movements to find bacteria to eat.

Better genoma, better ability to find food, more posibilities to grow and to evolve. A bad genoma will implies death by starvation and extintion.

Chromosomes may mutate randomly, allowing the emergence of new generations more evolved than their progenitors.

The Biots die when they reach the maximum configured age or when the energy level reaches zero by not getting food in their moves.

Based on article written in the Scientific American magazine by A. K. Dewdney titled "Simulated Evolution"